Bakare Emmanuel

DevOps Engineer At Peak Capacity | Wannabe Polymath With ADHD

I'm Bakare Emmanuel, alias likewise is Bakman! working under a term I coined "Experienced Computer Pipeline Plumber" at DEIMOS.

I operate at a highly technical scope with skills in general software development, advanced linux troubleshooting, networking, storage and filesystems, cloud operations etc.

During my spare time, I'm an autodidact absorbing "regurgitated knowledge" on Quora alongside several articles and videos on human biochemistry, contractual law and clinical psychology.

Heavily invested in community work, previous ambassador for the Google Community in UNILAG and several others, currently leading the Google Cloud community in Lagos.

DevOps and Backend Engineering
Backend experience in various software architectures, proud advocate for event driven systems and queue enabled workflows.
DevOps Engineer with good experience in linux, virtualisation and software architecture design.

Low Level and Systems Programming
Some experience with ARM devices, utilised micro controllers and IOT devices in pet projects and general work related activities.

Work Experiences

Leadership & Community Roles

Professional Skills

Top Skills



5 years


Cloud Architect, 3 years


Senior, 6 years


Kubernetes Docker Nagios Redis Kafka Schema Registry Ansible Vagrant gRPC Istio Kea AWS


Node Flask Django Laravel Lift Spring Boot

Education & Certification

BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering
2nd Class Upper
University of Lagos, Nigeria
2014 - 2019
Good experience over 5 years, most of my time was really spent outside school.
I'd advice past self to drop-out early if given the chance.
Major experiences from school included extracurricular activities, social networking, scholarships and programming experiences.
goleansixsigma, aiesec, andela, google

Yellow Belt - GoLeanSixSigma Certificate link
Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect Certificate link
Web Development Certificate Certificate link
Certified Kubernetes Administrator Certificate link
Certified Kubernetes Application Developer Certificate link
LFD 420 - Linux Kernel Internals and Development Certificate link

Talks and Events

Press Kit information for talk invites can be found here


Get in Touch

I don't freelance again but do reach out if you have issues.

I can help with the following:

  • Software Architecture Recommendations (Language Agnostic)
  • DevOps and Linux Issues
  • General Software Development Problems on Backend and Cloud Systems

Drop me a line at

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